The holidays are a time that we are giving, sharing, and receiving with our loved ones. In addition, we are reflecting on the past year and preparing ourselves for the New Year to come. Our minds tend to go in the direction of what we can wrap up in the last coming weeks of December?

Here are some helpful tips from ours to yours as you prepare for the New Year.

3 words to remember as you close out 2018:

  • ABLE
  • Medicare
  • Social Security

ABLEaccounts (Achieving a Better Life Experience) allow the families of disabled young people to set aside money for their care in a way that earns special tax benefits.

Have you contributed to your ABLEaccount this year?

As of 2018, an individual can contribute up to $15,000 a year to any ABLEaccount. We can help answer any questions about how to set up an ABLEaccount or how to navigate your existing account.

Medicareannounces a slight premium increase 

In the world of Social Security, for 2019, the Social Security retirement age increases to 66 

A 2.8% increase will be applied to ALL Social Securityrecipients 

Our team here at Cucinelli Geiger, PC wish you a healthy and happy holiday season! We look forward to 2019 with you!

Cary and Valerie