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What is  special needs planning?

If your loved one has special needs, a standard estate plan of a will, power of attorney and advance medical directive may not be adequate for your family. A special needs trust ensures that a person with a disability can use property or resources that have been set aside for her and still receive government assistance. 

A supplemental needs trust is established for the benefit of a person age 65 or under who is meets Social Security’s definition of disabled. An essential component of a comprehensive care plan, a well-designed special needs trust provides for care options and opportunities for treatment and rehabilitation, housing, electronic equipment, computers, job training, vacations, and more. These elements are essential to enhancing your loved one’s dignity, productivity and comfort.

Protect your loved ones. 

Preparing and executing a good special needs estate plan will make more effective use of your resources. Our experienced legal team will carefully assess your situation by determining what type of special needs trust is right for your family, how to fund the trust, who should act as trustee and what care needs your loved one has now and in the future.  Ideally, our assessment would be created in conjunction with your financial advisor and health care manager. Your estate plan should also include a guardianship nomination and a Letter of Intent to capture vital information about your loved one for future caregivers and trustees.

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